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France is a country that has a different characteristics from other countries. This country is characterized by the impression of artistic, aesthetic, classic, and romantic. Art of architecture and interior design of the country is also very classical and romantic. French architectural design and interior design are very typical with elements of art compared to other countries.

If you are a type of romantic person and like things related to France, perhaps you can bring the France nuance to your home. You can decorate your home with the typical interior design of the country to realize the France nuance in your home. Give a little touch of French style to your home so you can enjoy the atmosphere of France in your own home.

Typical France design

 If you ever been on holiday to France or look at pictures of this country on television or on the internet, you probably know that the existing buildings in the country looks very beautiful. The elements in the France interior design style France tend to emphasize the glamor and luxury of the past. The impression of luxury is mostly European-style luxury in the middle ages. The France designers not only reinforce the impression of luxury on the outside appearance, but also inside the building. This is what makes distinctive French designs different from other country.

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Although decoration is important, but you should not override the comfort side of a house or building. Even a room in a house is decorated with a more personalized look and theme that reflects the personality of its owner and still maintaining the comfort side. This proves that convenience is also important. In other words, a France-style interior design is applied in a room should be able to give the appearance of personal as well as informal, where the decoration will be able to provide convenience to anyone.

The authenticity

 If you want to apply a France interior design at home, then you should totally in decorating and choosing furnitures and accessories that you will place in the room. You should know that the France-style interior design is very attach great importance on the use of original items and furnitures rather than luxury items but imitation. You can buy an antique furniture that you can buy at antique stores rather than buying new furniture which is imitation and made of fragile material.


You can use the furniture made ​​of wood, although there are a lot of scratches and a lot of defects in the surface of the furniture, it is actually better than the plastic furniture or other synthetic materials. Even the darker and the older look of the wood, the better. You can also choose furnitures with metallic materials such as wrought iron. Wrought iron is one of the options of metallic materials for furniture that often chosen to complement the style of France interior design.


 France-style interior designs tend to use complicated and complex patterns with a high artistic value. France interior design often explores pastel colors such as orange, milk chocolate, pink and other pastel colors. In applying the France style interior design you should choose soft colors, not bright colors. You also should avoid natural colors such as yellow and green because France interior design rarely incorporate natural elements into a room.

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You also can choose vintage colors that look “old-fashioned” but has a strong artistic impression. By presenting contrast colors such as black and white in a room, you can give a typical French design in the room.

In applying the French style interior design in your room, you are free to choose a variety of pastel colors and present it in your room. But should you present it in ornaments, furnitures, or other embellishments. Paint the walls with white as the background color of ornament and accessories in your room. But if you want a more typical France style, then you can use black as the color of the wall.

Hopefully these tips can help you decorating the house with France interior design, Good luck.

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