How to Maintain Sofa in the Living Room

Sometime maintaining a sofa in the living room is really hard. Sofa is one of the furniture which is inseparable from the living room has become so important to be noticed. No matter what type of sofa you have in your living room, some kind of genuine leather sofas, fabric, or microfiber, all of them would require cleaning and routine maintenance on a regular basis. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that each type of couch requires different treatment customized with different materials and material characteristics.

To make sure you are not wrong in doing the cleaning and maintaining your living room couch, here are some tips that you can apply. These tips are very useful in maintaining the quality of your sofa to make it more durable.

Maintaining Genuine Leather Sofa


Clean the genuine leather sofa with cleaning products that is specially made for cleaning leather. Cleaning liquid is usually available in supermarkets or chemicals stores where you used to buy other cleaning chemicals. To apply this liquid on your sofa, use a soft fabric cloth and rub gently on the sofa with the direction of movement. By using the vacuum cleaner, clean the under sofa seat regularly to avoid dust accumulation and mites that can make skin itchy.

When you see the section on the sofa with scratches, disguised the scratches with a cloth or animal hair that is used for sanding or smoothing the surface and disguise scratches.

If in doing the cleaning there is liquid spilled on it, immediately wipe it or cleaning the fluids that are spilled or the other parts so that the liquid is not inherent in a long time and leave scars. If the rest of the material is already attached, use water and a clean cloth and rub gently until the rest of the liquid is fading.

Avoid this genuine leather sofa from exposure to sunlight or direct heat sources to avoid color fading and flaking skin material. Keep the shiny surface of the leather sofa with a conditioner for skin and apply at least one or two times a year.

Maintaining Fabrics Sofa

fabic sofa

By using the vacuum cleaner, always clean the surface of the sofa at any time. So no dirt attached, should be cleaned immediately and do not wait until the old. Therefore, once the dirt is stuck, then the dirt will be easily attached to the pores of the upholstery this sofa.

Always refer to the manual or the instructions on this sofa are usually included at the time of purchase. See if this sofa is made with special materials that require special care and cleaning. Mostly, this sofa upholstery is designed to be easy to clean and durable. However, to maintain the durability of the sofa, certain cleaning supplies may be required.

By using a sprayer, spray special liquid to the surface of sofa if necessary. The use of this spray will assist you focus in cleaning stains which attached on part the sofa without the need regarding other parts who are not exposed to stains. However, see the instructions its use and make sure that this material does not fading the color of sofa or leave the spotting a particular on sofa.

Maintaining Microfiber Sofa


Clean the microfiber sofa from dust at least once a week on a regular basis by using a vacuum cleaner. To get rid of stubborn stains, it would require specific strategies and materials to clean it. You can use alcohol on the affected stain with a clean cloth and use the white cloth. As another option, you can apply Aerosol hairspray is the main content of alcohol. However, other ingredients in aerosol hairspray is probably just stick to the microfiber material and leave stains or thin spots.

Well, hopefully you can be smarter in maintaining sofa in the living room.

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