How to Make a Nice Home Arrangement


Today we will discuss about how to make a nice home arrangement. Filling a room with a lot of stuff, though with luxury stuffs, is actually not ideal.

Please note, if you perform a variety of activities in full indoor furniture, the eyes and your brain gets too much information to digest. It is capable of triggering stress. Here’s how to create a space that provides the correct amount of visual stimulation:


First, keep almost all of the items in your home are not visible. It’s easy, you just need to invest in the creation or purchase of storage spaces. Store your belongings properly to minimize the “burden” that must be faced by your eyes. In other words, the stress is reduced.


Second, use a closed closet door. Avoid using clear glass because the glass is able to show the contents of the closet and make your brain gets too much visual information.

Solid door making stuff in the closet “disappear” from your eyes. However, if you already have storage cabinets with glass, you still can “outsmart” it by using the closed curtains.

Color of the cabinets

Third, paint storage cabinets similar to the color of your wall. In this way, the closet will look “disappear” and blend with your walls. That is, the process should be done by your eye would be reduced.

You do not have to choose the color white. The most important thing is to match the color of the wall behind the closet.

Matching the color of the walls with the color of the closet does not mean you have to equate all the colors in the room. Taking care not to use too many colors are necessary, but you also are not prohibited from using the accent to the room.

Wooden floors can be a sweet complement to the white walls. You can also combine the three colors, such as white on the walls, the color of the wood on the legs of the table and floor, as well as black in the closet.

However, if it is not possible to add a closet or building a storage space, you can store stuff in other ways. For example, use the bottom of the sofa or the bed for storage.

Hopefully this article about nice home arrangement can help you at home.

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