How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger And Comfortable

Having a small bedroom will not be a problem if you know the right way to design and decorate it. In addition, designing the bedroom properly will not only make the room look bigger, but also make you more comfortable and calm while being in it. This may sound impossible to do, but you could try the following steps and stop complaining that the bedroom you occupy is small.


You can start by rearranging your closet with a little difference, it means you have to choose a design concept which will be used. If there are many items in the bedroom, consider object that is needed. Here are some ideas to organize a small bedroom to make it look bigger and comfortable:

1. Colors

You can paint your bedroom using bright colors. This way, the bedroom can seem to have natural light. In addition, the use of bright colors will also remove the impression of a small bedroom.

2. Mirror

Placing some mirror in the corner of the bedroom is a smart way to add the spacious impression. This mirror is able to give the impression of space quickly from the effect of reflection. Make sure you do not put the glass in the corner that quite personal and you do not want to be reflected.

3. Bed

Use sleek bed and does not consume a lot of space. Stratified bed is great for small rooms, including equipment. In addition, you also can customize own design suitable for bed room, with built-in furniture ordered separately. If you use a conventional bed, you can save space by using the area under the bed for storage of goods. As an accent, you can put a set of table and chairs as well as a desktop lamp. Be sure to adjust the atmosphere of the rooms and beds that are used to make it look beautiful.

4. Cabinets

Placing a bookcase in the bedroom is also a brilliant idea to design a small bedroom. You can display a variety of miniature objects, objects memorable, and a collection of books. The placement of a small bookcase in the room will not interfere with the design to use the room because the vertical dimension. As a result, you can save more space in the bedroom.

5. Furniture

Small furniture is suitable for small bedroom, but placing a lot of furniture is not the key to save room space, which is important for you is to keep the room look stylish. Place the furniture in the corner of the bedroom to make it more space saving.

6. Wallpaper

The use of wallpaper is an easy way to create a widespread impression in the small room. Wallpapers with horizontal patterns will give the spacious impression for the bedroom.

7. Lighting

Good lighting can give comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. For an impression of nature, you can choose a lamp with a light similar to the sunlight. This type of light is able to give life in the bedroom so that it can also function as a room decoration.

If you organize and implement it correctly, these idea will be very useful for designing a small bedroom to make it comfortable and look bigger. The bedroom is designed to be a place where someone wants to rest at night and this place is a private room. Therefore, small bedroom design should meet the standardization of the comfortable atmosphere.

Hopefully this article can help you to know more about the technique to decorate your small bedroom to make it look bigger and comfortable.

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