How to Get Rid of Wardrobe Odor

How to Get Rid of Wardrobe OdorIn this article, we will discuss a little tips on how to get rid of wardrobe odor. Sometimes we are annoyed by the smell contained in a closet. Certainly of the odor affects of the contents of the closet, clothes will be able to smell. New wardrobe or just the same old can cause odor or musty smell that can disrupt our daily activity.

Here are a few tips to eliminate odors in the closet:

1. If the cabinets are new, put it in a container of tobacco and put in the closet for a day and a night in fusty smell will slowly disappear. Remove the new tobacco we store clothes in it.

2. Take the jasmine flowers are still buds, then put into the bottle open / small bowl. Enter into the closet, would smell fragrant. Do not forget to replace it with a new one when the flowers have withered.

3. Dampen a little cotton with perfume, then place it in an open container in a closet, the fragrance will be vague on clothing. Moisten cotton with perfume again if it does not smell good anymore.

4. Place the scented soap in a small bowl or jar and place it in the cupboard open. So that you can pull it into shape soap boxes, spheres or other forms of decoration according to your desire.

5. In addition to using natural materials fragrances, in terms of the arrangement and its treatment, you should not put too close to the wall cabinets, especially if the wall is adjacent to wet areas such as bathrooms. Leave a gap between the cabinet and the wall. The temperature also has an effect, so make sure the room where lay a damp closet.

Before you store the clothes in the closet, make sure your clothing is clean and completely dry. These are the things you must do, as if in a dirty or wet clothes irons usually are exposed to heat will cause the bad smell in the closet.

Hopefully these tips on how to get rid of wardrobe odor can help you.

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